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Michael Hancock for Denver 3rd term as City and County Mayor 2019 Debates

Published 528.2017 10:46 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Denver Elections | Mayora | 2019 | Michael Hancock 3rd Term

GP7A News: What Voters are saying about the increased shootings in Denver. Denver News for Denvr Mayor Michael Hancock is not good. In fact ... Denver is not Good! Mayor Michael Hancock. Voters are asking "Why is Michale Hancock running for Mayor again, for a thrird term. I belive Mayor Michael Hancock has reached his peak level of governing. The out side word. Has now made it within the 11 city council boundries. We have tried to tell everyone for years. Those of you who thought, we, were chickenlittle. No, that's Kayvan "Chicken Suite" Khaltbari. 

Soldier Boys come out and Play, Memorial Day to New Year’s

Warm Weather Trends 



YouTube Video By Marcus Giavanni 

Published on YouTube on May 12, 2017 

What was the KDVR report date of the shooting? 

May 28, 2017

Folks ... Who wants to be right about this. It's not about being right.

It's about SAVING DENVER form itself.s, it's Government, and

Honorable Mayor Michael B. Hancock.

It's timne for new direction, new leadership.

It's dragon time!

GP7A News: On what, "Governor 2018 Elections" 2018Governor2018.Com add to your Google Calendar, "2018 Governor John Hickenlooper" will be unable to run for Governor in 2018. "Google Calendar 2018", why? Because Governor John Hickenlooper has reached his term limits of two terms as Governor of Colorado"." Voters want to know, who will be Governor in 2018.

"GP7A News: Who will govern Colorado in 2019. The Democrats have controlled the state for 12 years. And their social agendas, have come back to bite them. Democrats, failed to listen to the Voters. As the next Governor, the candidate will have to have more to offer, than just beer, and a brown scooter. This, when is the next ..."Gubernatorial Elections"?" To Vote for your Governor. Make sure you registered to Vote. And then go Vote on Tuesday, 11.6.2018"."

 We also found verified content, to match the claims by Marcus Giavanni (Candidate for Mayor of Denver in 2019.) 
"KDVR: News .. Trending, 2 men in critical condition after shooting at house party in Denver. POSTED 9:58 AM, MAY 28, 2017, BY ANICA PADILLA AND MICHAEL KONOPASEK, UPDATED AT 07:28PM, MAY 28, 2017. 
Mayor Hancock did you see this video. I know, of your staff has. for Denver 3rd term as City and County Mayor 2019 Debates. #TaptheVote. 


YouTube: Election Tuesday 11/6/18 add to Google Calendar 2018 GP7A News CRIME RATE!

Election Tuesday 11/6/18 add to Google Calendar 2018 

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